What to look for in an office catering company

office catering

If you work as a receptionist, office manager, or administrative assistant in an office, you have likely been put in charge of making sure that lunch is available for meetings and other internal office events when they pop up. The large the office, the more stressful this can be because as you know, when it comes to food, it is extremely hard to please everyone.

In this day and age, there are so many diets, dietary restrictions and allergies, not to mention the fact that not everyone enjoys the same type of food and some people are just plain picky eaters. So how do you balance all these needs and still make sure you can satisfy everyone? Follow the list below for things you should look for in an office catering company.

  • Delivery and setup- You already have so much on your plate (pun intended) that it does not really seem feasible to assume you would also be in charge of more setup than necessary. Perhaps you will see up the conference room in preparation for the food, but it is doubtful you have time to go pick up food, carry it all back in and then lay it out in a way that makes sense and looks nice. Instead, look for a company that will deliver food to your office and also set up everything the way it should be. This will save you a lot of time and also make it much more intuitive for your colleagues when they arrive.
  • Dietary options- As mentioned, there are so many different diets, dietary  restrictions and food allergies that it can sometimes be hard to keep up.  While you may have to do a little work on your end to know what certain people in your office might need, make sure to find a company that can deliver healthy prepared meals for people of all needs. Working with a company who has dealt with numerous requests and is able to adjust their food accordingly will take a whole lot of stress off you.
  • Relationship building potential- When you work with a certain company numerous times, you may start to develop a relationship in which they offer you a few perks.Whether it is extra dessert, a bit of a discount or rush delivery, creating a relationship with lunch catering Denver is a great strategy in the long run, especially for a business that is looking to save a little bit of money.
  • Kind staff- Your job is stressful and it will not help to work with people who make it even more so. Find a company that has pleasant staff who truly care about you. This will also help in the relationship building piece,, plus it will be overall more enjoyable for you as you are in charge of planning these lunches on what may be a fairly regular schedule.

As you work on planning office catering lunches for your staff and colleagues, remember to find a company to work with that will make the experience easier for you.

These are the qualities to look for in a lasik surgery specialist

lasik surgery

If you are thinking about lasik eye surgery, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and often people have a hard time thinking about anything happening that could harm their eyes. Though lasik surgery is done to improve vision, the way the procedure is done (with a laser) often makes some people cringe just thinking about it. Because of this kind of apprehension, it is really important to make sure you are finding the right doctor to do the surgery and help you feel at ease. Here are a few qualities to look for when searching for a lasik surgery doctor.

  • Good reviews. This is a great starting place and will help you narrow down your list of possible doctors. Simply do an internet search of lasik eye surgery doctors near you and then sort the reviews by rating. Perhaps you can shortlist the top five doctors and do a bit more reading into each. Look through the reviews and see what former patients have said. Was their experience generally good? Did the doctor answer all their questions? Make them feel comfortable? Was the follow-up good? Were their surgical results good? When you read good reviews, you might be able to narrow down your choices.
  • A clean office. If you get to the stage where you are going to offices for consultation, pay close attention to the upkeep of the office. Is it clean and well-maintained? Even the waiting rooms are an important indicator of how a facility is taken care of. You should also look around and see how modern and updated the equipment looks. This will generally indicate an office that is on top of best practices and constantly updating to the best equipment.
  • A good bedside manner. When it comes down to it, a doctor needs to make you feel comfortable and this all comes from their bedside manner. You can gauge this by how they treat you during an initial consultation. Are they answering all your questions thoroughly and being patient? Are they reassuring you about your comfort and safety? These things will be important in helping you to feel confident on the day of your lasik eye surgery.
  • Diverse experience. You may want to look for a doctor who has a wide range of experience doing optical procedures such as cornea or cataract surgery. This would indicate that they have seen many different types of eye issues and know how to treat them all. Knowing this will also go a long way in making you feel comfortable.

The most important thing to remember is that this procedure is for you and the patient is always the most important person. Your needs and your comfort should always come first, like the do at Mile High Eye Institute. Lasik eye surgery can absolutely be a bit nerve-wracking, but if you make sure to do the work ahead of time to find the right doctor for you, you will have an easy, painless experience and be on your way to better sight in no time.

Here’s what to look for in a dentist

cosmetic dentist

If you have not been to the dentist in a while, you are not alone. In fact, many adults who saw a dentist regularly as a child, become lapsed patients and stop going as often, if at all once they become adults. Because they do not go as often, many adults get a little bit of a fear of going, so they put it off even more. Often, they feel like they will be judged and are worried about getting defensive. The reality is, though, dentists see this every day and they would prefer you come in again after years than to never come again at all. If you think you are ready to find a dentist and begin going to regular cleanings again, here are a few tips to help you find the right dentist for you.

•       Proximity to your home or work. If something is out of the way, chances are you will avoid it or find a reason to cancel. Instead, look for dentists that have offices near your home or work so that you have a convenient location to go to. You will be more likely to go if you can pop over on your lunch break or stop by first thing in the morning on your way to work from your house. By making it convenient for yourself, you will increase your chances of actually going.

•       A dentist with a good personality. This may seem so obvious, but it is important. Your dentist should be someone you feel comfortable around, after all, they will be poking around in your mouth. Also, if you have not been in a while and have questions or dental issues, you will want to find someone who is laid back and kind and can help make you feel at ease.

•       In network. If you have dental insurance, you should make sure that your dentist is in network in your plan. This means that the dentist has been approved by your insurance meaning they will cover many of the basic appointments like x-rays and cleanings, depending on your insurance plan. If you find a dentist who is not in your network, you will end up paying much more out of pocket because your insurance will not cover work done by that dentist.

•       A wide range of specialities. If you think at some point in the future you might be interested in whitening, veneers or other kinds of cosmetic dentistry, you should look for a dentist that offers these things as well. That way, if you do decide to look into these options, you do not have to find a new dentist.

•       A good office vibe. Make sure the dentist’s office you choose is clean and pleasant. Particularly if you have any fear of going to the dentist, it will be helpful to go to a place that helps you feel calm and relaxed and not on edge. Big windows with natural light are helpful, as are plants, nice décor and state-of-the-art dental technology.

It is true that going to the dentist after many years can be a bit daunting, but if you follow the tips above, you will find a dentist, like those at Riverfront Dental Denver, that will help make your first appointment back as easy as possible.

This is the experience that could help you get a job as a medical transportation specialist

ambulance services

If you have ever thought of being an EMT, or emergency medical technician, you know that there are a very specific set of skills needed in order to do that work. For some, they do not know that is the kind of work they want to do when they are in school, so instead, they get additional schooling after they figure it out. If you did not go to school specifically to work as in ambulance services, not to worry: you can still work in the industry with a little training and a few additional skills or past jobs. Here are just a few kinds of experience that might help you get into the field of medical transportation:

  • Lifeguard work or CPR certification: If you were ever a lifeguard, babysitter or perhaps even worked at a summer camp or other children’s program, you are already ahead of the curve. CPR and other kinds of basic medical knowledge is extremely important to know as an EMT. If you have been a lifeguard, for example, and have dealt with a medical emergency, it is good to highlight that as it may give good insight to how you respond in a crisis. Even if your certification is not up to date, it is good experience to have.
  • Truck driving or construction work: If you ever had to sit behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler or a construction vehicle, this may bode well for your ability to work in transportation management. Those who are in charge of driving ambulances need to be able to handle a large vehicle while also using quick reflexes and aggressive but safe driving. This is stressful and not a good fit for everyone, but if you have had experience driving a non-traditional vehicle, you may be on your way to working in medical transportation.
  • Dispatch or crisis management: If you have ever worked for dispatch, particularly for police or other first responders, this experience will fit nicely into a career in EMS. If you have done this work, you would not only understand how to relay information to other first responders, but you may also be skilled in dealing with people who are stressed out. Keeping people calm is a critical skill for EMS workers and if you have any experience in this department, you may be a good fit.
  • Any kind of medical training: Whether you interned at a vet’s office for a summer or helped out in a hospital in the medical records department, some knowledge of the medical world will be extremely helpful. An understanding of how paperwork is processed or how medical facilities are run will help you be more adept at working to make sure all areas are functioning correctly in order to get a patient the care they need.

Working in EMS is a rewarding career that requires a lot of training, but as seen above, there are quite a few skills that will help you on your way to realizing your career goals.

What to look for in Eastern Arizona apartments

college apartments

Looking for a new rental apartment is never an easy task. It always seems like it comes at an inconvenient time and that it causes more stress than necessary. It can be especially difficult if you are on a tight timeline or looking for an apartment in a competitive city or neighborhood.

One of the ways to make the search a little easier is by taking the time to come up with a clear list of what you are looking for. When you have a clear picture about what it is you need and want to be comfortable in your home, it is a lot easier to find something that fits those specifications. For example, if you know that you need a remodeled kitchen and you tour an apartment that does not have that feature, you can nearly immediately take that location off of your list and move on to the next one. This will not only ensure you get what you want, but help you save time as well. If you are unsure about what to look for in apartments for rent, here is a preliminary list to help you narrow it down.

  • Do you love to cook? If so, an updated kitchen might be important to you. You also may want to look for lots of counter space and lots of storage for appliances, spices and more. If you find yourself cooking often, it may also be important to you to have a dishwasher to help speed the cleaning process and make it a little easier.
  • Do you often have company? If so, you may want space for entertaining, whether its a dining room or simply an area where you can add more seating. It also may be important to you to look at Eastern Arizona apartments with an extra bedroom, particularly if you think you will have a lot of guests who may want to stay over. This is usually fairly important to college students who may have friends or family coming to visit regularly.
  • Do you want a little extra? Some apartment communities come with certain additional amenities like a gym, a pool or common areas for people to hang out. If you want a little extra bang for your buck, you may want to find a community that has some of these features.
  • Are you in need of storage? If you have a lot of clothing and shoes, closet space might be an important feature for you. Check to see how many closets are in an apartment, particularly in the bedroom where you might really need the closet space. Linen closets and general storage closets can also be an extremely useful feature of an apartment home.

There are a lot of different features of college apartments that you might want or need in order to live comfortably. Knowing these ahead of time is a great way to make sure that you find an apartment that will suit all of your needs while still remaining cost effective.

What is the difference between plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery?

dental surgery

If you have ever wondered about what maxillofacial surgeons do, you might be surprised to learn that a large majority of their procedures deal with facial reconstruction. This can include reconstruction of the mouth, jaw, face and base of the skull, but is not necessarily limited to those areas. Some surgeries require donor tissue from other parts of the body such as the ribs or small intestine, which can also be done by a maxillofacial surgeon. To many, that just seems like plastic surgery, yet plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons will tell you that they are not the same thing. So what is the difference between plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons?

The simple answer is that maxillofacial surgeons are trained in both hard and soft tissue surgery where as plastic surgeons are not. For example, a maxillofacial surgeon is skilled in bone surgery, which they do extensively in facial reconstructions, whereas plastic surgeons focus their procedures on the soft tissues of the body like fat and muscle.

Perhaps the best way to truly understand the difference is to illustrate it through an example. Say for instance that two patients with weak  or receding chins. This is the type of chin that is not prominent and instead of sticking out at the bottom, seems to blend in and slope into the neck.

Let’s say that Patient A goes to a plastic surgeon and Patient B goes to an oral surgeon.

Patient A will likely be treated with an injection of their own fatty tissue into the chin. This will provide extra volume and can be shaped and molded and positioned to create the chin that Patient A wants. This fatty tissue will be right under the skin and will last for a few years, depending on the body’s reaction to the injection. At some point, however, the procedure would need to be repeated or touched-up in order to keep the results.

By comparison, Patient B will undergo an oral surgery that is a bit more involved than a tissue injection. During this surgery, a maxillofacial surgeon or orthodontist will make a small cut in the jaw bone, move it forward and re-position it so that the skin and tissue of the chin sit in a completely different way than before. The healing time is more intensive, of course and the surgery is more invasive, however this process is permanent and will not need to be redone or touched up in order to keep the results.

While both results can give a patient what they are looking for and be life changing, maxillofacial surgery from the professionals at Peak OMS is a better option for those who are looking for permanent results.

Now that you understand the difference between maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery, you can be aware of your options should you or your loved ones ever require some type of reconstruction due to an accident, facial trauma or other condition, or simply if they are considering it for cosmetic reasons.

Top 5 best things to do on a camping trip


Alabama canoeing

Camping trips are an amazing experience, full of fun with friends and family, laughter, activities and great memories. Whether or not you are the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, it is highly likely that you will find a camping activity that you find to be fun and enjoyable. If you are completely lost as to what kind of activities you can do, here are a list of some favorite options, in no particular order.

  1. Hiking: Hiking has a lot of benefits because it is good exercise but also allows you to see some of the best sights. Some people assume that hikes have to be tiring and long, but the reality is, there are tons of short, easier hikes all over the country that still provide access to some beautiful places and views. If you want to really experience the wilderness and see some of the sights like lakes, waterfalls and cliffs, hiking is a great activity to try.
  2. Canoeing: If you find yourself being drawn to the water, Alabama canoeing is a great option for you. Canoeing requires 2-3 people to steer the boat, so it is an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family while increasing your teamwork skills. Canoeing can be a bit tiring on the arms, but that means it is also a good workout. It also allows you to get right out on the water and perhaps do some fishing as well.
  3. Tubing: If canoeing sounds a bit too strenuous for your liking, you may be better suited for Alabama tubing. This is a more relaxed water sport as it allows you to kick back in an inflatable tube, float on a lake or river and enjoy the sun as it warms you. This still allows you to be right on the water, but with considerably less physical work.
  4. Horseback riding: If you are a animal lover, horseback riding can be a truly rewarding experience. Not only will you get to see some amazing sights and cover a lot more ground, but you will also be simultaneously developing a special connection with your horse. There are lots of places such as Magnolia Branch Reserve that provide quick lessons and even guided horseback riding tours if you are a beginner. Horseback riding may seem a little scary to some, but once you get the hang of it, can become one of your favorite activities.
  5. Survival skills: Perhaps you are not particularly excited about getting too far away from your campsite, and that is ok. There are plenty of options close to the campsite as well. Learning survival skills is an important and very interesting thing to do. It can include things like knot tying, building a fire, identifying edible plants and more. Much of this can be learned through reading, so you can bring a book of skills and enjoy a relaxing day in nature reading and learning at the same time.

There are many things to love about camping and whether you are looking for a high-energy trip or a relaxing one, you can find the right activities for you.