Success Stories


A classic cdv title that enjoyed world-wide success. To date Blitzkrieg has been the best selling title in cdv USA’s lineup, reaching over 100,000 unit sales in North America.

The series continues to producerespectable sales through sequels and expansions. These are found both in retail and sell quite well in the digital distribution channels.

American Conquest: Divided Nation

American Conquest: Divided Nation is part of a multi-award winning, critically and commercially successful American Conquest series. Based on very successful packaging, a clear-to-understand concept and excellent retail placement, despite very little marketing and advertisement, ACDN has achieved over 60,000 units sold. It was cdv USA’s best selling title of 2006.

City Life and City Life: World Edition

City Life was published in Summer 2006, followed in February 2007 by a stand-alone expansion, City Life: World Edition, adding a number of new features and content to the original. The titles provide steady, consistent sales and persistent consumer and media interest.

City Life generated significant critical acclaim and was, by many critics, described as the game that dethrones the blockbuster Sim City series. The title was also cdv’s first to truly reach the casual gamer,leveraging excellent video-based advertising to introduce cdv and developer Monte Cristo to a whole new audience.

DarkStar One

DarkStar One was the first collaboration between Ascaron and cdv Software Entertainment USA. It was critically acclaimed and media attention in North America helped fuel consumer demand in the United Kingdom.

It received consistently high marks from the critics and clearly demonstrated to consumers and retailers that cdv could be very successful publishing titles other than its traditional historically based real-time strategy games.

War Front: Turning Point

War Front: Turning Point was a truly collaborative title where even the game’s plot idea was jointly penned by cdv USA staff and the developer, illustrating the firm’s ability to add value beyond traditional PR, marketing and distribution.

Even after the title was acquired by 10Tacle Studios in 2006, based on the strongly established reputation and proven performance, cdv USA was the deemed the best publishing partner for North America and given rights to continue PR, marketing and distribution efforts in that territory.