Tooth Cover Ups: Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns

We use our teeth every day to chew our food and it is basically exposed to everything that goes into our mouth. Acidic foods and things like juices can have a bad effect on our teeth over time and because they are bare, they can become damaged through trauma. Basically our teeth can be affected by wear and tear just like most other things. The appearance of our teeth can become deteriorated and not look as good anymore. When our teeth become damaged and worn, we can always seek the help of a dentist who can treat them and make them look good as new.

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When it comes to treating and covering up a worn tooth, dentists can offer two options, dental veneers and dental crowns. Both options have a certain similarity but they are also quite different. The idea option between the two would depend on the situation of the patient which is assessed by the dentist who can identify the proper approach. For a better understanding on the matter, let’s take a closer look into each.

A dental veneer is basically a thin shell which is attached to the front of a worn out or discolored tooth. This shell is usually made out of porcelain giving it some durability and also making it hypoallergenic. The attachment of a veneer requires shaving a very thin part off the front surface on the tooth to make the veneer sit in comfortably. To bond in to the tooth, bonding cement is used which is exposed to a special light to speed up the hardening.

A dental crown is much like a veneer giving coverage to the tooth only instead of going in front of the tooth, the dental crown goes over the tooth itself thus being called a “crown”. The application of a dental crown requires removing more of the tooth compared to veneers. With crowns the entire surface area is shaved to make it fit the hollow opening in the dental crown. Just like dental veneers, dental crowns are bonded to the tooth with the use of bonding cement and a special light treatment.

So do each stand up to each other? Each has its own advantages over the other and first, let’s take a look at the upper hand of dental veneers compared to dental crowns. Now compared to crowns veneers are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Has a less invasive process
  • Comes in various shades to match your tooth

Now compared to dental veneers dental crowns are:

  • More durable
  • Offers more protection to the tooth
  • Longer lasting
  • Much natural feeling

So which do you think would be the better option? In truth, it really depends. If your tooth only has minor cracks or discoloration, the more ideal option would be to get a dental veneer to cover only the front of the tooth. However, if you have a tooth that has become quite damaged and vulnerable you will want to go for dental crowns that can give more coverage and protection to your tooth.